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Three Lions Gaming

Best place to buy single cards.

Covenant Games

Redemption and other great games for sale.  Midwest tournament info.

Host:  Chris Bany, Redemption play tester and tournament host.

Redemption Nexus

Home of the very helpful "Holder's Heroes" strategy blog.

Host:  Stephen Schaefer, Redemption play tester


Redemption Web Sites by Region

Northeastern Region

East Central Region

Southeastern Region

Midwest Region

North Central Region

South Central Region

Northwestern Region

Southwestern Region

All of the websites listed below have information about players, playgroups, and/or official tournaments in their area.  Or, click on your state above.

Redemption Connecticut

Card Organizer, trivia, and lots of other great stuff!

Host:  Tim Mierzejewski

Redemption New Jersey

Guaranteed laughs.  More fun than scuba Redemption!

Host:  Steve "Polycarp" Braun

Redemption Virginia

Not updated recently.

Host:  William Wade




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Josephus Page devoted to the writings of Josephus, the Jewish historian from the time of the Apostles.

Purchase books, Bibles, music, games, and more at discounted prices!

Online Christian resource containing online Bible Searches, Movie Reviews, and more.

Buy quality videos based on the Bible.

Christian Examiner publishes several Christian newspapers throughout California.  Watch their "Events" section for news about Redemption events in California!