Man shall not be entertained by Redemption alone.  These games might not be as incredibly amazing as Redemption, but they are good in their own way.

Last updated: December, 2005


Role-Playing & Discipleship Game


Adventure Learning System

DragonRaid is an excellent tool for memorizing scripture, an effective discipleship tool, and a fun game.  I recommend this game to anyone who works or plays with youth.  I guarantee that the players will memorize scripture and have a LOT of fun doing it!

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Collectible Card Game

The Mission

by Ezekiel, ltd.

This new Christian collectible card game for ages 10 and up released in Fall, 2002.  It is a fun game, and challenges players to mature as Christians.

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Starters $15; 11-card Boosters $3.30


Card Game


by Yeshuateinu Company

Unity is a fun, strategic, non-collectible card game based on the Bible.  It shows the Jewish roots of Christianity, and the importance of being in unity.

Best price: Christian Fun Store  ($ 8.99)


"Adventure" Board Games

The Journeys of Paul

by Prismatech Publishing, LLC

New 2 to 6-player board game.  Players race to build 3 to 5 churches at certain cities on their way from Jerusalem to Rome.   The art on the game cards was done by Michelle Spalding, who did the art for 29 cards in Redemption and the Prophets expansion set.  The 4 color 23"x36" map is historically accurate to 60 A.D. and was designed by the Ancient World Mapping Center of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Settlers of Canaan

by Cactus Game Design

2 to 4-player board game based on the popular Settlers of Catan series.  Players assume the role of a tribe of Israel settling the Promised Land, and win by gaining 12 victory points.  To gain points, players pay resource cards to build settlements, roads, cities, and stones for Jerusalem.  If the plague makes some of your land unproductive, move the plague with a Priest card.  GREAT FUN!!! 

Includes two promotional Redemption cards: Joshua and Caleb!

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Solomon's Temple

by Cactus Game Design

2-player board/card game designed for people who enjoy games like Redemption.  Players furnish the temple while trying to thwart their opponent's efforts to do the same.  Although not based on Redemption, it does come with two promotional Redemption cards: King David and King Solomon!

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Redemption: City of Bondage

by Talicor (and Cactus)

This board game is fun!  It plays somewhat like "Clue," only the rooms you enter may contain traps and/or evil characters that you must overcome.  As with all Redemption games, you try to rescue Lost Souls.  Includes mini-cards containing art from Redemption (blue packs) and the Prophets.

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The Game of Pilgrim's Progress

If you enjoyed the story of Pilgrim's Progress, you will enjoy this game.  This is a fun family game with quality components.  I recommend being familiar with the story before playing, although it is not required.


Unfortunately, this game is currently out of print.

The Omega Expedition

The point of this game is not nearly as profound as the above games: you are trying to be the first one to collect biblical artifacts.  The game play is a little more luck-based than I usually prefer.  However, the art on the cards is exceptionally cool, and the look of the game is kind of like an Indiana Jones computer game.

Best price: ($24.95)


Conversation Game

The Ungame

No strategy, no losing, but a fun way to learn about others.  Players answer questions about themselves.  It can be played with or without a game board.  Best price:  ($6.99)


Bible Knowledge Games


from Cactus Game Design

"Who or what am I?"  Listen to progressively easier clues and hazard a guess.  Great for all levels of Bible knowledge.

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Bible TriBond

"What do these 3 have in common?"  A trivia-type game with an interesting and enjoyable twist.

Best price:  ($ 24.95)

Outburst: Bible Edition

Loud fun.  Players are divided into two teams.  Teams give the target answers to a topic to earn points.  Make sure the teams are fair!  

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Free Online Games

Unity Online

by Yeshuateinu Company

Unity is now playable online, against the computer.  If you already know how to play the card game, you may beta-test an online version of the game here.


by Dan Olds

Prophesy is a fun game from the maker of Unity.  It is not yet available in card form, but you may learn and play the online version of the game here.  Please sign his guest book with positive feedback so this great game can be published soon.


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