Custom GI Joe TCG Cards

The company that made the GI Joe trading card game stopped making new cards, so my son and I made some for our playgroup.  Enjoy!

Building your own cards?  Read this:  Balancing Custom GI Joe TCG Cards


Card Type



Joe soldiers



Joe other



Joe vehicles



Cobra soldiers



Cobra other



Cobra vehicles



Other Expansions:

Sunbow (3 Joe)

Special Teams (30 Joe, )

Real American Hero (1 Joe, )

Spy Troops (9 Joe, 2 Cobra)  UPDATED - March 2012

VvV (5 Joe, )

Ninja Battles (1 Joe, )

DTC (10 Joe, )

Sigma 6 (9 Joe, )


Other stuff:

Corrected BAT art (2)  UPDATED - March 2012


Transformers (11)


Some notes about custom cards:

When novices create custom cards for games, they often make cards that are a little on the strong side - perhaps to the point of being unbalanced.  This is understandable - no one wants to go to the trouble of making a card if there is little chance it will ever be played.  However, sometimes the cards are so strong that they create a negative play experience for opponents. 

The supply points costs on our cards are appropriate for the numerical stats, but I am not confident that the special abilities are totally balanced.  These cards are works-in-progress.  Therefore, I encourage you to include no more than two of each of these cards in a deck.  I would even go so far as to say that two-per-deck is probably a fair limit for each fan-authored card, regardless of its origin.  In our playgroup we have instituted this rule, and we think that it ensures more balanced games.

I'd really like to hear your feedback on how these cards play.  If you have comments or questions about any of our cards on this site, please email me at

For more fan-created cards visit these two great websites:

GI Joe Firefight

Sleeping Phoenix - may not be functioning

Note: The cards on the above pages look great, and are really fun.  While most of those cards are balanced, a few are not, in my opinion.  As with any fan-created card, check with other players in your group before using them in your decks.


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