Good Movies and Videos with Great Messages


Veggie Tales

Story:*****   Quality:*****

Cool as a cucumber.  "Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun.

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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Story:*****   Quality:*****(Won an Emmy Award)

(95 minutes) "This animated version of C. S. Lewis' classic is an Emmy Award-winning program and a visual telling of the Lewis allegory.  The death and resurrection of Aslan the Lion invite comparison with the Biblical accounts of Christ's death and resurrection. Top-notch animation and excellent story.

A Bill Melendez production with Children's Television Workshop and Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation.

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Live action Narnia Movies

Story:*****   Quality:***

These movies were made without the benefit of millions of dollars in special effects.  The first movie is not as good as the animated version, partly due to low-budget special effects, and partly because the cartoon is excellent.  Each subsequent video improves upon its predecessor.  The Silver Chair is really good.  8 hours, 42 minutes total.

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Angel Wars

Story:****   Quality:***

It's 2028, and the evil demon Morg has a plan to destroy the city of Tarbuck with the hate of its citizens. The angels Michael, Swift, and Paladin must foil the sinister plot. Along the way, 15-year-old Ryan learns important lessons about conquering hate and relying on God's help. Animated adventure, futuristic fun, and spiritual truths! Approx. 30 minutes.  Order from Cactus Game Design