numbers are from bottom right corner of card

int: intervention

ecp1: event chain phase 1

ecp2: event chain phase 2

ecp3: event chain phase 3

eceg: event chain end game

adv: advance

obs: obstacle


1-001 Resurrection int a

1-002 Phenomenon int a

1-003 Power Cell Universal a

1-004 Power Cell Ancient Age a

1-005 Power Cell Future Age a

1-006 Apostolic Age ecp1 a

1-007 City of Hope ecp2 a

1-008 Data Cell ecp3 a

1-009 Timestream eceg a

1-010a Book of Knowledge adv a

1-010b Book of Knowledge adv A

1-011 Discovery adv a

1-012 Sonic Blast adv a

1-013 Cloaking adv a

1-014 Age Matrix adv a

1-015 Thadius Revere adv a

1-016 Force Field adv a

1-017 Map of Age adv a

1-018 Dr. Elisha Revere adv a

1-019 Prophetic Words adv a

1-020 Nina Mink adv a

1-021 Healing adv A

1-022 Night of Rest adv a

1-023 Energy Source adv A

1-024 Ancient Myst adv A

1-025 Stormfront obs a

1-026 Bounty Hunter obs a

1-027 Enforcer Battalion obs a

1-028 Collapse Age obs a

1-029 Plasma Shield obs a

1-030 Temporal Eraser obs a

1-031 General Whitehorn obs a

1-032 Temporal Sickness obs a

1-033 Lexa Price obs a

1-034 Time Tracker obs a

1-035 High Mountain obs a

1-036 Tracking Device obs a

1-037 Deceiver obs a

1-038 Great Expanse obs a

1-039 Ruptured Earth obs A

1-040 Lost in Age obs a

1-041 Hostile Crowd obs A

1-042 Event Horizon int A


1-044 Global Shield adv A

1-045 Data Archive adv A

1-046 Orb of Time int A

1-047 Vortex obs A

1-048 Aftershock obs A


1-050 Phase Shift int a

1-051 Resurrection int b

1-052 Phenomenon int b

1-053a Power Cell Universal A

1-053b Power Cell Universal b

1-054a Power Cell Ancient Age A

1-054b Power Cell Ancient Age b

1-055a Power Cell Future Age A

1-055b Power Cell Future Age b

1-056 Apostolic Age ecp1 b

1-057 City of Hope ecp2 b

1-058 Data Cell ecp3 b

1-059 Timestream eceg b

1-060 Book of Knowledge adv b

1-061 Discovery adv b

1-062 Sonic Blast adv b

1-063 Cloaking adv b

1-064 Age Matrix adv b

1-065 Thadius Revere adv b

1-066 Force Field adv b

1-067 Map of Age adv b

1-068 Dr. Elisha Revere adv b

1-069 Prophetic Words adv b

1-070 Nina Mink adv b

1-071 Night of Rest adv b

1-072 Stormfront obs b

1-073 Bounty Hunter obs b

1-074 Enforcer Battalion obs b

1-075 Collapse Age obs b

1-076 Plasma Shield obs b

1-077 Temporal Eraser obs b

1-078 General Whitehorn obs b

1-079 Temporal Sickness obs b

1-080 Lexa Price obs b

1-081 Time Tracker obs b

1-082 High Mountain obs b

1-083 Tracking Device obs b

1-084 Deceiver obs b

1-085 Great Expanse obs b

1-086 Lost in Age obs b

1-087 Phase Shift obs b

1-088 Plasma Ray int A

1-089 Prodigy adv A

1-090 City of Sacrifice ecp2 A


1-092 Breach the Void adv A


1-094 Scripture One A

1-095 Scripture Two A

1-096 Scripture Three A

1-097 Scripture Four A

1-098 Scripture Five A

1-099 Scripture Six A

1-100 Scripture Seven A

1-101 Simon Locke adv A

1-102 Ion Blast int A

1-103 City of Faith adv A





1-108a Link Power int A

1-108b Power Drain int A

1-108c Restore Power int A

1-109 Bounty Hunter obs A

1-110 Sonic Blast adv A


1-112 Time Tracker obs A

1-113 Lost in Age obs A

1-114 Temporal Eraser obs A

1-115 Nina Mink adv A

1-116 Discovery adv A

1-117 Data Cell ecp3 A

1-118 Stormfront obs A

1-119 Apostolic Age ecp1 A

1-120 Great Expanse obs A

1-121 Enforcer Battalion obs A

1-122 Cloaking adv A

1-123 Deceiver obs A

1-124 Shockwave int A

1-125 Collapse Age obs A

1-126 Force Field adv A

1-127 Plasma Shield obs A

1-128 Thadius Revere adv A

1-129 General Whitehorn obs A

1-130 Timestream eceg A

1-131 Data Drain obs A


The blanks on this list will be filled in the reprint.  Some of the duplicated numbers will fill the slots, as well as a few new cards.