Dear Redemption player,

I want to write an article about a Lost Soul from Rock of Ages, but I can’t decide which one to write about.  Can you help me decide which one?

There are nine lost souls in the set; one in each tin.  On the message board, Rob already listed their “names.”  Here I list them with their tin number:

Tin 11: “Lost Soul” (can’t be prevented)
Tin 12: “Lost Soul” (same testament)
Tin 13: “Lost Soul” (site guard)
Tin 14: “Lost Soul” (anti-ignore)
Tin 15: “Lost Soul” (shame)
Tin 16: “Lost Soul” (punisher)
Tin 17: “Lost Soul” (deck discard)
Tin 18: “Lost Soul” (same reference)
Tin 19: “Lost Soul” (human)

Originally, I planned to write about the “same testament” Lost Soul, since it helps against good drawing and banding, which are common in top decks.  I figured many players would want to read about that card.

Recently, however, some top decks have made use of powerful ignore abilities on Old Testament cards.  Since the “anti-ignore” Lost Soul can negate those abilities given a certain condition, players might rather read about that lost soul.

Since I couldn’t decide between them, I showed the Lost Soul list to my son to let him decide.  But instead of selecting one of the Lost Souls that I wanted to write about, he suggested a different one.  He said I should write about the “same reference” Lost Soul, since its protection from rescue is good against the most common banding, while not hurting theme decks.

Ugh.  Instead of two to choose from, I had three.

In hopes of narrowing my choices a bit, I showed the list of Lost Soul cards to a family of Type 2 players here who had just finished the Southwest Regional Tournament.  They decided that I should write about the “can’t be prevented” Lost Soul.  Two of those players had recently lost games to Strong Angel, so I can understand their excitement about that Lost Soul.  In spite of that, I think they are right about the impact of this Lost Soul on the game.  The condition on this lost soul is broad enough that it should usually work, but it still gives an opponent a way to keep it from working. 

I was leaning toward following their suggestion, but wanted just one more opinion.  I showed the list to a top veteran player at my church.  I figured he’d confirm the selection that the family had made, or at least agree with one of the previously mentioned lost souls.  He didn’t.  He thought I should write about the “punisher” lost soul.  I think his words were, “because that card will scare the east coast players.”  He plays a lot of games online, so he knows what those east coasters like to play.  As I mentioned in another article, that Lost Soul does punish players for having more than three good brigades in play.  I think I’ll keep my decks to 2-3 good brigades going forward, unless I don’t care whether my heroes have special abilities.

Well, now that I have FIVE lost souls to choose from, I REALLY can’t decide which one to write about.  Maybe you can help.  Please send votes to me via e-mail.  Sometime I’ll compile the results.  Expect the article to be posted here.  Or maybe not.  I can’t decide.


I decided to compile the results of the vote.  So far there is a tie between the "punisher" lost soul and the "can't be prevented" lost soul.  I've decided not to select just one and write an article about it, but rather select both and just give you the spoilers:

Punisher:  Negate Hero special abilities of any opponent with more than three good brigades in play.

Can't be Prevented:  Unless a Covenant is in play, the first evil Enhancement you play each battle cannot be prevented by a good card.