Web pages for other collectible card games sometimes post fictional histories of the setting or world of their game.  Redemption needs no fictional history, as it is based on the true Word of God.  There is certainly no substitute for scripture when it comes to truth, but I thought it would be interesting to compile the "story" that the cards tell when they are put in chronological order.  So, on each page I have placed art from one card with a brief caption.  I will complete the captions as my time allows.


Table of Contents

The Redemption Story from the beginning.  (740 pages)


Old Testament

Pentateuch (68 pages)

Joshua and Judges Lead Israel (33 pages)

United Monarchy (101 pages)

Divided Kingdom and Judah after Israel's Fall  (78 pages)

Exile and Restoration  (82 pages)


New Testament

Christ's Life  (139 pages)

Acts and the Early Letters  (138 pages)

The Later Letters  (101 pages)


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