Use dominant cards effectively:

  • Son of God and New Jerusalem cards are as much defensive cards as they are free rescues.  Use them to rescue ONLY your own souls if at all possible.  Also, the best time to use these cards is just after your evil character has lost in battle, and your opponent would normally rescue one of the lost souls.  If you rescue two souls before surrendering the soul, you may be able to leave no souls left which your opponent has access to rescue.

  • Angel of the Lord should only be used to discard a character that is blocking your rescue attempt, and only as a last resort.  You should use it on a character that would be difficult to defeat otherwise (such as Prince of this World if you have no banding cards).  The only time it should be used outside of a rescue attempt is to prevent an opponent from blocking with an evil character that would devastate you.  Obvious example: Women as Snares.
  • Only use Christian Martyr and Burial AFTER your opponent has defeated your evil character in battle.  This makes your opponent "waste" his good enhancements.  These can also be used if you have no evil characters, or if your evil characters are very weak and you have no enhancements for them.  Burial can also be used to discard the only soul to which your opponent has access.
  • Use Falling Away early, definitely before your opponent rescues a third soul.  It is best if you can avoid using it when you are defenseless.  Also, you should consider carefully which Lost Soul to return to your Land of Bondage.  It is usually preferable to return a Lost Soul card with a special ability.
  • Only use Harvest Time if you are going to make a rescue attempt.  This is especially important in a multi-player game.  If you already have 3 rescued souls, Harvest Time can also be played to put another Lost Soul into play so that you can play Son of God and New Jerusalem.


  • Have something (non-edible) to use as a counter.  Pennies or polished rocks work well. Sometimes, other games like Risk have pieces that can be used. These counters are mainly used to keep track of set-aside cards, but there are more cards that require their use. (Special thanks to Eric Gil Kimmons for this tip!)

  • If you do not have counters, use cards from your discard pile as counters.  Or, rotate the set aside enhancement one quarter rotation each turn, and mark each complete (4-turn) rotation with a discarded card.