I have found these tips very useful in starting a playgroup:

  • Meet regularly, at a time and place that is convenient for everyone.

  • Match players of approximately equal playing ability.  Close-scoring games are the most fun.  However, be sure to allow players to play at least a few different players.  That way they can learn more strategies and make more friends.

  • If you play multi-player games, keep the groups small (3 is best, to 4 at the most), so turns come quickly.

  • Have players invite friends.  New opponents keep the game fresh and exciting.

  • Keep in touch with players regularly.

For playgroups with mostly new players:

  • Start simple.  Buy a box of 2nd Edition Starter Decks from Cactus Game Design.  It is enough decks for 6 players to each have two 50-card decks.

  • As your group learns the game, I recommend adding Unlimited (Blue) Boosters and Prophets Boosters first.  Do not go on to the other booster types without using these for a while.

  • If your playgroup is learning quickly, and has mastered the cards in the above sets, then the boosters listed below can be added gradually, in this order.  But be warned:  Many of the cards in the three expansions listed below are complex.  Of course the payoff for the added complexity of the cards is that they add a tremendous amount of strategy (and fun) to the game.

  1. Women Boosters

  2. Warriors Boosters

  3. Apostles Boosters