Starter Decks and Booster Packs

The best place I have found to purchase Redemption starter decks and booster packs is from Cactus Game Design.  Their prices are good if you buy boosters by the box.  Shipping is free with a minimum order of $30.  Also, they are very quick at processing orders.  I usually get my orders about 5 working days from the time I place the order.

Single Cards

If you only have a few cards you need to complete your collection, or to complete a powerful deck, I usually recommend trading to get what you want.  When that isn't possible, Three Lions sells single cards (see Links page).  They send mint-condition cards.

Value of Single Cards

Like all collectibles, Redemption cards have value to those that want them.  Their value is determined by simple rules of supply and demand.  


Supply of Redemption cards (number printed, probability of getting a specific card, etc.)



Due to demand, a card that is desired by many people (like the Falling Away card, which can be used in any deck) is going to be worth more than a card that only certain players want (like Laughter, which is desired by some people who use Blue in their deck).  Desirability (demand) is difficult to determine, and often changes after the release of a new expansion set, when some cards become more important in deck construction (and thus more desirable), and other cards become less important.  Each new set produces additional benefits and drawbacks to using any card.