VARIATIONS (unofficial, but fun)


Card Arrangement variation:  California Style

In a 2-player game, try this modification of the Recommended Card Arrangement:  Place your Heroes on the right side of your draw pile, and keep your Evil Characters on your left.  Keep your Lost Souls behind your Evil Characters and your Redeemed Souls behind your Heroes.  Notice that this arrangement puts your Heroes facing your opponent's Evil Characters, and your Evil Characters facing your opponent's Heroes.  On your turn, you will be using cards on your right side.  On your opponent's turn, you will be playing the cards on your left.  This arrangement makes it easier to remember which Evil Characters have been converted to Heroes, because they get moved to the right side of the draw pile.  This arrangement also has a scriptural basis: Jesus said he will put the sheep on His right and the goats on His left.  See the diagram of Card Arrangement: California Style.



Flying Variant:  These optional rules can be added for a little variety and increased realism.



New way to play:  Teams

Try playing a 4-player game with partners.  Partners sit across from each other.  First team to rescue 8 Lost Souls wins.  Allow play of dominants and enhancements to help one's teammate, but do not allow teammates to have duplicates of unique characters in play.  Allow conversation  (or secret codes) between players.  Do NOT allow partners to look at each others hands.  Also, you may only attempt rescues against an opponent (not a partner). Maybe someday this will even be a category of play at tournaments! NEW:  Secret "cheat" codes for teams now posted here.



Redemption, Jr.

Redemption is designed for people ages 7 or 8 and up.  I have several younger relatives that are interested in Redemption, but are too young to play the game in its present form.  I eliminated several of the more complicated elements of the game and found that I could play this variation with children ages 4 to 7.  If you regularly spend time with anyone of that age, try teaching them to play Redemption, Jr.



If you have any other variations you would like to pass along, please do.  I may post them.