& Local Tournaments


Arcadia Friends Community Church

5705 Lenore Ave.   Arcadia


Please join us!  We are always excited to meet other players.  E-mail me  for details.


Players include:

From the Arroyo Redemption Club:

  1. Miguel Arriaga (Currently ranked #1 in CA, Type 1: 2-player)

  2. Juan Arriaga (Currently ranked #1 in CA, Type 1: multi-player)

  3. Kevin (Wing) Lai (2000 CA state champ, Type 2: 2-player & closed deck: multi)

  4. Michael Lac

  5. Chris Vince

Other players in the area:

  1. Christopher Ramsey (2001 National Points champ, closed deck: 2-player)

  2. Sear Nuong

  3. Brandan Abbott

  4. Anthony Mendoza

  5. Bryon Hake (host)

Are you part of a Los Angeles County Redemption group that is not listed here?

Please send me your info, and I'll post it.  Please e-mail me to be listed here.

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