New Expansion News!

Rock of Ages is comprised of 9 tins

Each tin contains 10 Rock of Ages cards, usually assembled like so:

2 heroes

2 good enhancements

1 fortress or artifact or site

1 Lost Soul

2 evil characters

2 evil enhancements

At least one of the characters or enhancements in each tin is a 2-color card.  That is, the icon box contains two brigade colors!


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Plus, each tin includes 5 boosters:

Unlimited, Prophets, Apostles, Patriarchs, Priests



Faith of Our Fathers

To be released in August 2007, probably in time for Nationals.  Stores should have them by late September.

100 cards, not packaged in boosters.  Instead, 10 groups of 10 cards each will be available in special tins which retail for $14.99.

Each tin contains 10 cards and 5 boosters: Unlimited, Prophets, Apostles, Kings, and Priests.

Each tin looks identical except for a sticker on the bottom of the tin, telling which 10 new cards are included.  There are 10 different stickers. (10 sets of 10 = 100 cards).

Most 10-card sets include:

3 heroes of one brigade, usually tied together by a theme or story

2 good enhancements of that same brigade

2 evil characters of one brigade

2 evil enhancements of that same brigade

1 other card (site, fortress, artifact, or lost soul)

Some tins vary a bit from that arrangement, but the cards still work well together.

There is one tin for each of the 8 good brigades, plus one extra tin for red and one extra tin for blue.  There are only two reprinted heroes: Jacob and Caleb.

All the heroes are from the Old Testament, except one.

The cards in this set give a big boost of playability to decks built around themes.

Tournament hosts are encouraged to use these tins for booster draft.  Each player will open a random tin, keep the 10 cards, and draft the 5 boosters.  Using the tins is optional, but most players are going to prefer to use the tins.

All the cards are useful, and some extremely so.  Most of the cards are about as powerful as recent rare cards (if they were in boosters, they'd be rare, not common). 

Most cards will be seen in competitive tournament decks.

Check back for more hints as the release date nears!




The Priests


251-card expansion was released in 2006

251 cards makes the largest Redemption expansion set ever

12 Ultra-rare

39 rare

100 uncommon

100 common

2 new brigades

Teal for priests and Orange for demons

All priests currently in the game are being reprinted in the Teal brigade, plus many new priests are being added.  The brigade will be mighty out the gate, with plenty of heroes, enhancements, covenants, and even a weapon-class enhancement.  Even a few Teal sites are being made.

All demons that are released from now on will be in the orange brigade (just like silver for angels).  Some out-of-print demons are being reprinted in the Priests set, and some new demons are being added.


New Gift Set Tins are available! 


 They are smaller than the 10th Anniversary tins, but come with a 10th Anniversary starter, 6 limited blue boosters, and a New Jerusalem promo card.


THE KINGS are here! 

The Kings contains 250 cards plus 10 promotional cards!  That is larger than any previously released set, including the Apostles, which has 207!  The Kings includes 80 reprints from the sold-out Warriors set, plus 2 reprints from the original set.  So the set contains 82 reprints + 168 all-new = 250 total cards.  That is over two-thirds all new cards.  A majority of the reprinted cards are modified from the Warriors version.  The 10 promos printed with this set are 2 improved reprints and 8 brand new cards.