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Divided Kingdom

Israel in the North

Judah in the South


Early Years of Divided Kingdom

(930-874 B.C)

I Kings 12:1 - 16:28 (1 page)


Era of Elijah and Elisha

(874-797 B.C.)

I Kings 16:29 - II Kings 11 (16 pages)

     Joel (1 page)

II Kings 12-13 (2 pages)

Fall of Israel:

Prophesied and Fulfilled

(797-722 B.C.)


     Jonah (2 pages)

     Hosea (3 pages)

     Amos (2 pages)

II Kings 14-15 (1 page)

     Isaiah 1-6 (8 pages)

     Micah (1 page)

II Kings 16 (1 page)

     Isaiah 7-35 (7 pages)

II Kings 17:1 - 18:12 (3 pages)

Judah After Israel's Fall


Reign of Ahaz through Amon

(722-640 B.C.)

II Kings 18:13-21:26 (3 pages)

     Isaiah 36-66 (5 pages)

Reign of Josiah to Jehoiakim's 3rd year

(640-605 B.C.)


     Zephaniah (1 page)

     Jeremiah 1-20, 22b, 26 (14 pages)

II Kings 22-23 (3 pages)

     Nahum (2 pages)

     Habakkuk (2 pages)


Forward to Exile and Restoration


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