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First Deportation

(605-597 B.C.)


II Kings 24:1-4 (no pages)

     Jeremiah 25, 35-36, 45-48 (1 page)

     Daniel 1-2 (3 pages)

Second Deportation

(597-587 B.C.)


II Kings 24:5-20 (1 page)

     Jeremiah 23-24, 27-29, 34, 49-51  

     Ezekiel 1-23 (17 pages)

Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem, and Third Deportation

(587-538 B.C.)

II Kings 25 (no pages)

     Ezekiel 24-48 (13 pages)

     Jeremiah 21-22a, 30-33, 37-44, 52

     Lamentations (1 page)

     Daniel 3-9 (9 pages)



First Group Returns

(538-458 B.C.)

Ezra 1:1 - 4:5 (no pages)

     Daniel 10-12 (2 pages)

Ezra 4:6 - 6:22 (1 page)

     Haggai (no pages)

     Zechariah (12 pages)

Esther (3 pages)

Second Return (with Ezra)

(458-445 B.C.)

Ezra 7-10 (no pages)

Third Return (with Nehemiah)

(445-432 B.C.)

Nehemiah (1 page)

     Malachi (4 pages)


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