General Tips

  • Beginners can use this deck outline to help in constructing a deck.

  • Keep your Type I decks small (56 or 63-card decks work VERY well).  Avoid the temptation to put 84 cards in your deck.  Lambs and Reapers are too valuable not to draw.
  • If you have several copies of all the cards in the game, and want to build a big deck, then put 100-105 cards in your deck, and be sure to include SEVERAL cards that accelerate your drawing of dominants (Search, Swift Horses, False Peace, Reach of Desperation, Words of Encouragement, Dream, Water to Wine, and The Wages of Sin.  Deck-thinning heroes like Zaccheus and Eli the Priest help, too.).
  • Make more than one deck.  At a minimum, you should have a 2-player deck and a multi-player deck.  For the strategy differences between these categories of play, go here.
  • Many people make one deck for each color of deck protectors that they own.  This way you can always use a deck that has protectors of a different color than your opponent's.  Having very different decks adds variety to your game playing.