Tournament Schedule



All events listed below are held at:

Arcadia Friends Community Church

5705 Lenore Ave.   Arcadia



Tournaments will be held on Saturdays.  Dates and times will be posted on the front page as they are confirmed.


Local and District Tournaments:

6 categories will be offered

One-time entry: $4 for Local or District

Sealed deck: $8

Booster Draft: $12 to $18, depending on availability of Thesaurus ex Preteritus and Disciples packs.


Major Tournaments in California (State and Regional level)

6 categories will be played

One-time entry fee: $5

Each Closed deck: $8

Booster Draft: $12 to $18, depending on availability of Thesaurus ex Preteritus and Disciples packs.


State:   June


Regional:  July


Possible schedule


BLOCK 1:  Saturday 9 am - 2 pm

Type 2 2-player

Type 1 multi-player


BLOCK 2:  Saturday 2 am - 5 pm

Type 1 2-player

Type 2 multi-player


BLOCK 3: Saturday 5 pm - 8 pm

Sealed Deck 2-player OR Teams

Booster Draft multi-player




All standard Redemption rules apply, with the following options being used:

Sites will be allowed in all open deck categories (Type I and Type II).  In searled deck, sites are limited to one only.

Name-on-name bonus will apply in all categories.

All categories will be played Swiss Style (no elimination).


Contact the tournament host, Bryon Hake:


Free promotional card to all contestants at these events.  Each level of tournament will have its own unique promo card.  The State and Regional tournaments will have 4 promo cards each!  Plan to attend all the events.



The Official Tournament Guide with all the important information can be found

at the Cactus Game Design website.


Would you like to receive info in the mail about upcoming local, district, and state tournaments in California?  e-mail me, and send me your name and address.  Ask to be put on the tournament mailing list.


See Tournament Results for results and pictures from previous tournaments.


* If you are interested in hosting an official Local or District tournament, contact Cactus Game Design.  If they let you host it, they will advertise it on their site, and I will advertise here, too, if you tell me about it.  The Southwest Regional Tournament this year will probably be in California.