A. Sealed Decks

  • Deck C or D is provided by the tournament host at random. The player MAY NOT pick which starter deck he/she wants.  The player will also receive three (3) booster packs of the player's choice. Booster packs may be chosen from any expansion sets available at the tournament.

B. Open Decks (TYPE I & II)

  • Players should arrive at the tournament with their decks ready to be inspected for play. A player must have their deck organized as follows:
    Lost Souls
    Site cards (Fortress & Lost Soul)
    Artifact cards
    Lamb icon cards & Grim Reaper icon cards
    Power enhancements (both good and evil)
    All offensive cards (grouped by brigade)
    All defensive cards (grouped by brigade)

  • Players are expected to arrive with the required number of Lost Soul cards in their decks. (seven (7) Lost Souls for the first fifty (50) cards. One (1) Lost Soul for each additional six (6) cards over fifty (50).)  See table included in 2nd Edition Starter Decks.

  • After check-in, no other decks may be presented by a player for that category of play.

  • Players may bring more than one deck. However, extra decks will be held by the officials at the tournament and may only be switched between rounds.

  • No adjustments may be made to a deck after check-in.

  • Players may not trade or add to their open decks between rounds.

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