If you have a general question about how to play Redemption, follow these steps till you find an answer:

  1. Read the most recent rulebook that comes with the second printing of the 10th Anniversary Starter Deck (also posted as a pdf file here) to familiarize yourself with all the terms and rules of Redemption.  Read the rules again on occasion to keep them fresh in your mind.

  2. Search the Redemption Exegesis Guide

  3. Go to the Redemption CCG message board on ezboard.  Questions posted here are answered daily, usually within a couple hours.

  4. Ask an experienced player in your area.  Go to official tournament and find someone who can answer your questions

How Do I Build My Own Deck? deck construction rules (see Tips above for more help)


Demo of a simple rescue attempt using cards from the second edition starter decks


Download a Word file containing the 4 lists below

Characters Is Locust from the Pit a beast?  Is Miriam a prophet?  etc.

Artifacts Which artifacts can be activated in Solomon's Temple?

Enhancements Which enhancements are gifts of the spirit?  Which ones are poisons?

Sites Is this a Roman site?