Endless Worship - New CD with songs written by Bryon and John Hake.  Website contains audio clips and chord sheets.


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Redemption Avatars - Redemption images to put under your name on the message board.  Feel free to link to these images.  Remember they are (c) Cactus Game Design.


Redemption Screen Saver - art from the cards is (c) Cactus Game Design


Flashback - Redemption, 1998




Other Trading Card Games


Collectible Card Games - what I like and dislike about the CCGs I've seen


Custom GI Joe Cards - custom cards I've made for the GI Joe trading card game


Custom Narnia cards for HeroScape - custom cards I've made for HeroScape


Lord of the Rings: Playing By the Book - a book-accurate way to play the LotR TCG


Magic Players - for Magic players who may be interested in Redemption


TimeStream cardlist -TimeStream is a futuristic TCG made by Eternal Studios.




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